Infographic – Starting a Successful Chatbot Program

Infographic – Starting a Successful Chatbot Program

Are you ready for chatbot success?

This year has been coined as the year of the chatbot. Just a few short weeks ago at the Gartner Applications (App) & UX Conference in Las Vegas, attendees heard that this is the year you need to do as many POCs (Proof of Concept) as you can with AI chatbots.

But does merely doing several POCs really setup you up for success? I mean really, do you have the time to go and try and try again? As one of my guest on the Fast Leader Show stated, “It’s no longer about mission and vision for companies, it’s about movement.”

All of us need a foundation to stand on when we embark on any endeavor. This is what give us a sense of bearing. It helps us to know where we are and where we need to go .

As I began on my journey a few years ago into Artificial Intelligence, it began in the enterprise knowledge area within AI. It was a natural place for me to start, coming from contact centers. Agents needed to easily and quickly access enterprise information to support and serve customers faster. But in reviewing AI in enterprise knowledge I had a basis of understating of knowledge systems and a deep expertise in contact center operations.

So embarking into AI chatbots for me has been a long-time journey into how AI can best serve people – both internal and external. And the underlying technology that delivers the best results.

One of the best ways I have seen knowledge distilled into an easy to understand format is through infographics. So I decided to create an infographic that shows you 10 very important considerations and elements that drives successful chatbot programs. This infographic can be leveraged as subject matter categories for your chatbot success plan. If you need details, let me know.

On the infographic you’ll find:

  • Desired Business Outcomes – how to best develop targets

  • Chatbot Components – the different elements you neeed

  • Chatbot Technologies – the different types of chatbot technologies available

  • Communication Strategy – how to get buy-in with your bot

  • Build Momentum – how to move forward faster

  • Fluid Iteration – what you need to do once your bot is born

When it comes to AI chatbots the first thing to do is to acclimate yourself with the steps to success. There are several things to consider. While some of it is about the technology, much of it is not. Yes you do need to know capabilities, but there’s much more to it.

I’m certain I missed some of it on the infographic. So if you find something that is a must add, please let me know and I will apply some fluid iteration.



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