Getting Ahead of Customer Expectations for Chatbots

Getting Ahead of Customer Expectations for Chatbots

Is there worry in being too far behind?

Customer preferences and the need for speed are causing a total shift in IT and customer experience. It’s because conversational systems present the opportunity for technology to be more people literate. And the AI chatbot is the starting place or doorway into this shift and transformation.

Companies of all sizes will experience that conversational systems will fundamentally change the working relationship between people both within and outside the organization.

Business Imperative

Good AI chatbot programs will become a business imperative for both new systems and to retrofit existing systems over the next 10 years. It’s going to be significant, much like the premise-based and cloud-based shift we are experiencing currently.

The market for AI chatbots will evolve from narrow use cases to broad and diverse virtual assistants that will be pervasive in our everyday life.

To get started today, learn about starting a successful chatbot program and think about your AI chatbot just as you would the skillsets of your people:

  • Customer Service / Concierge bot
  • Training Bot to support and train employees
  • Impact Bot for supply chain, ethics, brand
  • Culture Bot for team, human resources, values, vision, etc.
  • Marketing Bot for lead generation and qualification

An AI chatbot is a conversational system with a human-centered design model in which user and machine conversations (interactions) occur. Ideally, in the user’s spoken or written natural language.

Becoming Mainstream

The concept of conversational systems is becoming common place and recognizable today mostly in virtual personal assistants (VPAs) Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant. It’s their widespread exposure and customer expectation that will drive organizations to implement chatbots and Virtual Customer Assistants (VCA) with specific and general skillsets.

Until recently, customer interactions with chatbots have typically been simple rule-based and simple request or question like “What time do you close?” or “Do you have that in stock?” But in a short period of time the technology has matured to handle more complex requests that contain multi-intent and multi-round conversations.

Improvements in natural language processing (NLP) and the broadening of the knowledge domains associated with Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technologies are resulting in more mainstream acceptance of conversational systems. And higher customer expectations.

These advances have happened so quickly that a swell of organizations are exploring opportunities to leverage AI chatbots and conversational systems as interfaces to applications, services and data by connecting systems using APIs. Why because they need to stand out and get ahead of customer expectation for chatbots.



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