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We are customer experience purists that leverage the leading science in Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, storytelling, conversational user interfaces, Deep Learning, Natural Language Understanding and digital transformation to drive your brand. We work with value-focused achievers that seek to lead in their market.

All of our work is based on client needs and desired business outcomes. Just as with any others solution, it requires discovery. In the world of chatbots, there are always trade-offs and choices to be made. We help make that easier and faster for you.

We help you to move forward faster by building an Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience. We have templates and frameworks ready to build your:

  • Concierge Bot for customer service
  • Training Bot to support and train employees
  • Impact Bot for supply chain, ethics, brand
  • Culture Bot for team, human resources, values, vision, etc.
  • Marketing Bot for lead generation and qualification

A chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation. The conversation can include auditory, textual, and visual methods. More advanced chatbots incorporate artificial intelligence and deep learning to mimic how humans naturally converse.

With the build of your very first chatbot use case, the discovery, development, design and deployment process can be as little as 9 weeks. Once your first use case is deployed and the Artificial Intelligence is able to interact and learns, your subsequent use cases can be built faster.

In most cases no. The only time you might desire some upgrade is when you have a legacy system that does not have an exposed API to integrate to and the system contains important data you want the chatbot to access. But most first phase deployments rarely are conducting API calls.

Your chatbot development costs can range from $7,500 to over $150,000 when you include animation integration and data integration. Then there are ongoing transaction and management fees to continue to improve the performance of your chatbot. As part of your free consultation, you’ll gt a better understanding of your investment and projected return on your investment. Schedule it now.


85% of customer service interactions will be powered by Chatbots by 2020 (Gartner)


We will accelerate your success path to chatbot ROI

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We’ll help you sort out the mega confusing chatbot landscape and move forward.

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We'll build your chatbot so you can focus on what you do best

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Deflect calls and contacts with a human-like experience that customers love.

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We'll help you protect privileged credentials and block attacks

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We’ll show you how to address any security risks by applying leading security principles.

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AI chatbots are helping people with fast resolution, sales, and insight. And they do it at all times, all-day and every day. In our always on global economy customers want to be served quickly – and when they want to be served. For your organization, that’s probably not cost-effective. And in many instances, not humanly possible. Your AI chatbot resolves this modern day dilemma.

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We leverage Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and leading technologies in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and User Experience to help you join those leading the way to increasing profit margins and lower costs to operate by deliver exceptional customer experiences using AI chatbots.

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